Dong-A Motors is doing its best to become a leader in an eco-friendly company.

Self-Generated Motor

A new concept of motor that can generate self-generation during operation and contributes to energy reduction and eco-friendliness with low power and long operation time.


  • - DC motor without core and brush
  • - Smooth movement due to no cogging torque
  • - Efficiency increased by more than 4% because of no heati2r was lost
  • - 80% power generation efficiency achieved by reducing back-EMF during motor operation
  • - Motor rotation with low voltage and low starting current
  • - Diversification of application range through compatibility and design differentiation

Product specification

size (W×H×D,㎜) Relative
weight (㎏) Relative
Power generation method Self-generation
Input capacity (kW) Relative
Electric voltage (V) 250
No-load speed (rpm) Necessary
Output capacity (kW) ±3
efficiency (%) 80