Dong-A Motors is doing its best to become a leader in an eco-friendly company.

President Message


Hong-Gi, Kim

As the world changes rapidly, things that were previously unimaginable are now becoming daily routines.

However, we are currently confronted with the reality of environmental pollution, climate change, and energy depletion.

Accordingly, it is becoming an important task to properly recognize and improve the current situation.

Dong-A Motors has made ceaseless efforts to find an alternative to this reality. As a result, we developed the world's first movable power generation motor without core and brush.

Our motor minimizes power consumption and at the same time secures the same torque power as the existing motor.

At the same time, we have developed a motor that supports high-efficiency power generation performance.

We have secured a non-lithium-based ESS device.

The development of these motors means minimizing power consumption, high-efficiency power generation, and cutting-edge motor structure, achieving three achievements at the same time.

Dong-A Motors is not satisfied with this, but wants to become a company that contributes to human society by incorporating eco-friendly technologies of its headquarters with products that customers need.